Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Here is a list of reasons why I LOVED this film: horses, leather gloves, hair dye, theft, screaming, strong psychotic reactions to the color red, criminal females, sean connery's bottom lip, stacks of money, cool accessories, violence involving fireplace tools, forced marriage, wallpaper, strange chemistry, and hair. Lots and lots of hair. I ate this up with a spoon! Check out this montage by Alien Roc (whoever you are)... thank you for reminding me just how freaking cool this film is.

Stage Fright

I watched Maren's copy of Stage Fright and loved it. I am a Hitchcock fan to be sure but he has so many movies I will prob never see them all but have watched two winners as of late. I realized I had never seen Marlene Dietrich in anything before. It was fascinating to me to know about a recognizable icon and finally see them in something. Jane Wyman is the perfect actress for her role with fast costume changes, various accents, etc. She is immediately likeable. I couldn't get the image of Marlene Dietrich smoking through her black veil out of my mind for days. For some reason the mixture of the two strikes a chord with me. I also wish my mother was around so i could use some of these "phyllis" lines on her. Watch the video if you want to see the smoking veil!

Sex and the City 2

As a fan of Sex and the City I of course saw the new movie. It's entertaining but it not nearly as good as the last movie. It's kind of like a 2 1/2 hour bender of episodes. You know what I mean. We all did it when we were watching the show. So if you liked the series you will like the movie but it is SILLY. It is worth seeing just for flashbacks of when they met. Warning: Liza Minelli is horrifying!

Iron Man 2

I really enjoyed Iron Man 2. I was astounded at how great I thought the first one was and this one could be better. Robert Downy Jr.'s comic timing is spot on. This made me really want Gwyneth to get back to WORK. I mean I want multiple movies a year. I know, she is going for mom of the year or something but I am such a fan. I was really glad to see ScarJo in a role that someone probably wanted to put Jessica Biel in because it saved the part. Funny, fast, and Mickey Rourke is so sick... loved it.

Clash of the Titans

Once in the while, I see things in the theater. I know. You wouldn't believe it if you follow this blog at all but I saw this a while back and now that I have thoroughly distanced myself from it it just seems silly. Yes, fun to look at. But, I mean ZERO character development. I loved the original movie when I was little but I was still extremely confused. So I just stopped worrying and tried to be entertained and it still didn't do much for me. Ralph Fiennes as Hades is the highlight of the movie. Other than that.... boo.


So I watched Cabaret again. I used to think this film was great but this time I only just liked it. I remember it having such a STRONG message and it is actually a bit confusing. I think I was getting the stage musical a bit muddled with the film and making them both something better than they are. Now, I do love the music and the clothes and all the gypsy depression style that laces the film but it just wasn't what I had remembered. I hate that.