Friday, May 28, 2010

Paris, Texas

So as a kid I always remember seeing the cover to this movie at the old video store. Then as I got older I always read a lot of acclaim surrounding it. Well, it is long but really interesting and beautiful. The story is very odd and rather quirky in some parts but as a whole very believable and the acting is amazing in a very simple way. Even if the story weren't interesting (which it is) the cinematography is gorgeous. All the shots are set up perfectly and there are really bold but perfect costume choices. The more I let the film sink in the more I really like it. Also, the soundtrack is haunting. The pivotal scene on the phone (above) when we finally get the answers we have looking for is fantastic. Wild and horrific. Also, the walking home from school scene kind of broke my heart.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


A great little murder mystery from 1944. I had never seen anything with Gene Tierney in it which was a disgrace to my wife since she has a bit of a crush on her. Well, now that makes two of us. She is beautiful and her clothes in this film are perfect. Vincent Price is in it which is cool except he was such an annoying character. This is a good film when you are in the mood to just watch a perfect looking old b&w. I am now looking into other films with old Gene in them. Also, I can't get this portrait (which gets a lot of screen time) out of my head.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dancer In The Dark

So went to K & S's to watch Dancer In The Dark. I have seen this film a few times and every time the brilliance just punches me in the gut. Lars Von Trier films don't always resonate with me but this one is amazing. Now I am a little biased, don't get me wrong. I have always liked Bjork and probably always will. But I have this friend you see (Kevin) and he H-A-T-E-D Bjork. Then he saw this movie and immediately felt bad for making fun of her and was reformed. He now owns it. It's about as desperate as a story can get. Not Kevin's story but the plot of the film.  In fact, after I saw it in the theater ages ago, i called my parents just to tell them I loved them. Wild. The soundtrack is so beautiful and ye olde Sound of Music ditty "favorite things" will never be the same. The scene with the heater vent just breaks me every time.