Tuesday, September 7, 2010


So here is a quick story. My friend Kathryn and I really like to do Sundance (with the exception of last year). It seems that every year we seem to be making fun of a movie solely based on the title or subject matter. There is just one movie that is so riddled with MOST depressing underdog plot line, wild title, etc. Without fail this film will go on to get standing ovations, accolades, awards, and what have you. Now mind you we start joking about these films early on, that is to say around day one of the festival we are already saying we just can't see it but that it will sweep through the festival like a tornado leaving other films in its debris. 

A few examples of our mockery:
Real Women Have Curves
Hustle & Flow

Well last year it was Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire. Oh boy, we thought the title was kind of a joke and the subject matter horrifying. Well, in case you lived in a cave in February it was up for a billion Oscars including Best Picture. Well, I watched it and yes, it is so sad and horrifying. It is also really well made and so well acted. Prepare yourselves though! I mean there are some things said and situations conjured that will knock your socks off. But wow, I really liked it.  Mariah Carey is shockingly good.... yes that is a sentence you just read. Also, I feel like Paula Patton who plays Precious' teacher Ms. Rain was so overlooked when all the hubbub started. She should have been nominated. I also really like both of these posters. P.S. I have yet to see the other three films on the mocked list. Should I?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Coco Before Chanel

All in all, this film is really good. Just remember... it is just as the title explains. So, if you are a bit of a fashion victim like myself then you will be frustrated that we aren't just jumping in to all the good stuff right away. A biography of the the life of Coco Chanel and the circumstances that led her to be the most influential female fashion designer in history. Was that statement to bold? No. Audrey Tautou is just so beautiful and her acting is really great. I had just watched Amelie, again, and it was good to be reminded just how different she is in this film. The costumes are fantastic. If you are a Chanel fan, it is fascinating to see where all of her influences came from i.e. Nuns, Fisherman, Menswear, BLACK! Just be aware... the fashion aspect doesn't really show up until the end. I also posted this particular poster because it was never in the U.S. because of the cigarette... kind of funny. I mean the woman SMOKED! 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Leave Her To Heaven

Whew! This is a wild one. Again, Gene Tierney is gorgeous. Even though she is full-tilt-boogie CRAZY in this film. The swimming scene on the lake will never leave my mind. HORRIFYING! The clothes and colors in this film are beautiful. I kept wondering what the audience must have been thinking when this first came out in 1946. I would think this type of character would have been so shocking. Possessive, obsessive, domestic, psychological terror..... yes, please! I do wish that the court scene at the end could have been a bit shorter yet the scenario you are dealing with is great. Also, Vincent Price is the prosecutor which helps. "You're not making very much progress Danny."

Friday, August 13, 2010


Ready, okay. If you are like me, you really appreciate a big budget "summer blockbuster" that is smart, original, free of film stereotypes, and looks amazing. I appreciate this because you are going to end up talking about this move with everyone on planet earth but with this movie you don't mind talking about because it is really good. I left this movie being so impressed with the art of telling a story through film. This plot is layered with like 4 more layers on that last layer. I was so impressed with Christopher Nolan's gift to keep the audience (for the most part) clear on what was happening. Visual candy in every shot! Also, the clothing is fantastic. I am really glad someone sent me an interview with the costume designer because I was having a "children's apparel" issue if you know what I am talking about and it answered some of my questions. Ellen Paige... you were fine but could have been played by a lot of other actresses. Maren voted Rachel McAdams and I fully concur. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I am so glad you are getting your moment in the sun. Ken Watanabe, you are so cool that it totally evens out the fact that I really struggle with your accent sometimes (and I am not that bad with accents.) Marion Cotillard, you are brilliant and I liked seeing you cuh-razy.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I thought that I should throw a few movies up here that actually came out in 2010. I of course saw this shortly after release. I've finally just accepted that the casting of these movies is pretty much wrong and it isn't going to be rectified until a strange made for tv remake happens in like 30 years. So I walked into this just ready to enjoy it... which I did for the most part. The fighting was good and I like anytime the Volturi show up. Having read the books, I was dreading the "tent scene" because I thought it was just ridiculous in the books. I guess it had been long enough because I didn't really hate the tent scene. I hate what a confused trampy wreck Bella becomes right after the "tent scene." I really don't have much more to say except that I finally finished the last book. I am sort of confused because SO many people hated it and I feel like I finally got some payoff in the end. Plus that birth is wild and BLOODY and I really hope they put it in the movie in all its horror. That's all... oh... Dear Bella, you are le worst. Love, Dirk.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

David & Lisa

I adore this movie! A friend suggested I watch it a few years ago and it was right up my alley. Recently screened it with a few folks who were new to this gem. This touching and melodramatic tale of two teens in an institution is so gripping. The cinematography is fantastic and the two main actors are STUNNING. The style is great. David in his perfectly tailored suits and Lisa has a collection of jumpers to beat the band. For some reason, I always want to listen to the band Broadcast for days after I watch this. I connect the two for some reason. Like the imagery is what they mast have seen when writing some of their music. This movie, upon first exposure sent me on an intense spiral to find old black & white films about psychological and mental problems. I came on to a few treats but please share if you know of any. The stranger, the better. "Tell me David, who do you see? who do you see?" "I see a girl. A pearl. A pearl of a girl."

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Here is a list of reasons why I LOVED this film: horses, leather gloves, hair dye, theft, screaming, strong psychotic reactions to the color red, criminal females, sean connery's bottom lip, stacks of money, cool accessories, violence involving fireplace tools, forced marriage, wallpaper, strange chemistry, and hair. Lots and lots of hair. I ate this up with a spoon! Check out this montage by Alien Roc (whoever you are)... thank you for reminding me just how freaking cool this film is.

Stage Fright

I watched Maren's copy of Stage Fright and loved it. I am a Hitchcock fan to be sure but he has so many movies I will prob never see them all but have watched two winners as of late. I realized I had never seen Marlene Dietrich in anything before. It was fascinating to me to know about a recognizable icon and finally see them in something. Jane Wyman is the perfect actress for her role with fast costume changes, various accents, etc. She is immediately likeable. I couldn't get the image of Marlene Dietrich smoking through her black veil out of my mind for days. For some reason the mixture of the two strikes a chord with me. I also wish my mother was around so i could use some of these "phyllis" lines on her. Watch the video if you want to see the smoking veil!

Sex and the City 2

As a fan of Sex and the City I of course saw the new movie. It's entertaining but it not nearly as good as the last movie. It's kind of like a 2 1/2 hour bender of episodes. You know what I mean. We all did it when we were watching the show. So if you liked the series you will like the movie but it is SILLY. It is worth seeing just for flashbacks of when they met. Warning: Liza Minelli is horrifying!

Iron Man 2

I really enjoyed Iron Man 2. I was astounded at how great I thought the first one was and this one could be better. Robert Downy Jr.'s comic timing is spot on. This made me really want Gwyneth to get back to WORK. I mean I want multiple movies a year. I know, she is going for mom of the year or something but I am such a fan. I was really glad to see ScarJo in a role that someone probably wanted to put Jessica Biel in because it saved the part. Funny, fast, and Mickey Rourke is so sick... loved it.

Clash of the Titans

Once in the while, I see things in the theater. I know. You wouldn't believe it if you follow this blog at all but I saw this a while back and now that I have thoroughly distanced myself from it it just seems silly. Yes, fun to look at. But, I mean ZERO character development. I loved the original movie when I was little but I was still extremely confused. So I just stopped worrying and tried to be entertained and it still didn't do much for me. Ralph Fiennes as Hades is the highlight of the movie. Other than that.... boo.


So I watched Cabaret again. I used to think this film was great but this time I only just liked it. I remember it having such a STRONG message and it is actually a bit confusing. I think I was getting the stage musical a bit muddled with the film and making them both something better than they are. Now, I do love the music and the clothes and all the gypsy depression style that laces the film but it just wasn't what I had remembered. I hate that.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Paris, Texas

So as a kid I always remember seeing the cover to this movie at the old video store. Then as I got older I always read a lot of acclaim surrounding it. Well, it is long but really interesting and beautiful. The story is very odd and rather quirky in some parts but as a whole very believable and the acting is amazing in a very simple way. Even if the story weren't interesting (which it is) the cinematography is gorgeous. All the shots are set up perfectly and there are really bold but perfect costume choices. The more I let the film sink in the more I really like it. Also, the soundtrack is haunting. The pivotal scene on the phone (above) when we finally get the answers we have looking for is fantastic. Wild and horrific. Also, the walking home from school scene kind of broke my heart.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


A great little murder mystery from 1944. I had never seen anything with Gene Tierney in it which was a disgrace to my wife since she has a bit of a crush on her. Well, now that makes two of us. She is beautiful and her clothes in this film are perfect. Vincent Price is in it which is cool except he was such an annoying character. This is a good film when you are in the mood to just watch a perfect looking old b&w. I am now looking into other films with old Gene in them. Also, I can't get this portrait (which gets a lot of screen time) out of my head.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dancer In The Dark

So went to K & S's to watch Dancer In The Dark. I have seen this film a few times and every time the brilliance just punches me in the gut. Lars Von Trier films don't always resonate with me but this one is amazing. Now I am a little biased, don't get me wrong. I have always liked Bjork and probably always will. But I have this friend you see (Kevin) and he H-A-T-E-D Bjork. Then he saw this movie and immediately felt bad for making fun of her and was reformed. He now owns it. It's about as desperate as a story can get. Not Kevin's story but the plot of the film.  In fact, after I saw it in the theater ages ago, i called my parents just to tell them I loved them. Wild. The soundtrack is so beautiful and ye olde Sound of Music ditty "favorite things" will never be the same. The scene with the heater vent just breaks me every time.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Love Story

Okay, I could have sworn that people were always saying this movie is good. Ali MacGraw as a fashion reference... spot on. The rest of the movie.... SO BAD! Let's begin with "Love means never having to say you're sorry." Not true and overused in the film. Maren and I just kept asking if the other was emotionally concerned for anyone in the movie and the answer was... "no, this movie is bad." Ali MacGraw's wardrobe on the other hand... Brilliant! I can see why people reference it because it has been recurring in fashion again and again. She has the most meticulously styled camel coat in one scene. Really, skip it unless you are a fashion junkie. Just watch 200 cigarettes and revel in the scene when Martha Plimpton throws her drink at the television when Ali is crying and saying " love means never having to say your sorry." Le worst.

How To Train Your Dragon

Surprised at how great I thought this movie was. Great animation and extremely witty. Unfortunately I had to see it in 3-D. I know, you are probably saying to yourself "but 3-D is super-awesome!" I don't really think so. I honestly could take it or leave it, preferably leave it. I have a sister who is gaga for it so I get subjected sometimes. I guess I can't say I would have liked it better without 3-D but really this craze is getting out of hand if you ask me. Must everything be 3-D? I say nay. Also, I like this foreign poster so I thought I would throw it up too. This movie also made me love my dog more.

Un Prophete (A Prophet)

I probably should have seen this movie when I was more awake, alive and alert. Late show after a long day... oops. For the most part I was horrified and fascinated. Some parallel story ideas to The Godfather but set in a french prison. There were a few visual ideas that were really captivating for instance blurred keyhole like filming during transition scenes or slow motion deer running. Some serious violence! One scene was making all involved squirm in their seats. Incredible acting all around.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why white rectangle?...

For too long I have wanted to just post a little something about the films I watch. Movies are something I have loved forever. Growing up in a video store will do this to you. So this is just a venue for me to post a quick thought or two (a review if you will) about each movie that I see. They will be new, old, maybe i've seen them before and recently visited again,  but I just want to put it out there. So, if you loved it or hated it I would love to know. If you have a suggestion of something for me to see... please say so. I just enjoy talking about movies. Also, this is a way for me to give some honor to the art form of movie posters... which I really enjoy. So here goes... time for me to get disgusted by how many films I see and have seen. Enjoy.