Monday, August 23, 2010

Leave Her To Heaven

Whew! This is a wild one. Again, Gene Tierney is gorgeous. Even though she is full-tilt-boogie CRAZY in this film. The swimming scene on the lake will never leave my mind. HORRIFYING! The clothes and colors in this film are beautiful. I kept wondering what the audience must have been thinking when this first came out in 1946. I would think this type of character would have been so shocking. Possessive, obsessive, domestic, psychological terror..... yes, please! I do wish that the court scene at the end could have been a bit shorter yet the scenario you are dealing with is great. Also, Vincent Price is the prosecutor which helps. "You're not making very much progress Danny."


  1. Can't WAIT to see this one! Whirlpool, featuring a kleptomaniac Gene and her hypnotist/psychological predator, needs to be your next Tierney...

  2. Whirlpool... Yes! I will get on that. My obsession with Tierney is getting bad. Maren has turned me into a monster!