Sunday, August 8, 2010

David & Lisa

I adore this movie! A friend suggested I watch it a few years ago and it was right up my alley. Recently screened it with a few folks who were new to this gem. This touching and melodramatic tale of two teens in an institution is so gripping. The cinematography is fantastic and the two main actors are STUNNING. The style is great. David in his perfectly tailored suits and Lisa has a collection of jumpers to beat the band. For some reason, I always want to listen to the band Broadcast for days after I watch this. I connect the two for some reason. Like the imagery is what they mast have seen when writing some of their music. This movie, upon first exposure sent me on an intense spiral to find old black & white films about psychological and mental problems. I came on to a few treats but please share if you know of any. The stranger, the better. "Tell me David, who do you see? who do you see?" "I see a girl. A pearl. A pearl of a girl."

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  1. I forgot to borrow this from you guys the other night-blast!